1. Who owns WWTBAM franchise in Nigeria?

BLK HUT is under license to produce WWTBAM in Nigeria from format owners Sony Pictures Television.

2. How do I become a contestant on WWTBAM?

To be a part of your favourite TV game show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Series 2: The Rebirth, dial *569# or *7006*20# to get a chance to win N20M weekly and more! You can also select Payattitude on your bank's USSD code. For inquiries, please call 0700MILLIONAIRE

3. Will there be WWTBAM Specials?

Yes. The Nigerian variation of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire has special editions which are recorded and broadcast at certain times of the year: i) The Valentine Special, which comes up around February, features couples being placed on the hot seat to answer questions for the money prize together (ii) The Children Special edition is used to commemorate the Children’s Day celebrations. It has featured children between the ages of 8–14 years of age from different backgrounds who came to play for 20 Million Naira in scholarships.

4. If I pass the first stage of selection, will the host call me?

No, you will be called by a verifier from the BLK Hut office, who is trained to take you through the selection process.

5. If I win how will I collect my money?

This information is confidential and only for winning contestants.

6. How do I know the call is genuinely from WWTBAM?

No WWTBAM verifier will ask you for any form of cash payment, your ATM pin. Please guard your bank data.

7. How do I get to be part of the audience?

For now there will be no studio audience due to Covid-19 restrictions. Any changes concerning this will be announced.

8. How do I know if I have been selected?

A verifier will inform you whether you have been selected and will also give you instructions on the next steps to take.

9. If I have been on the Hot-Seat before, can I try again?

If you have been a Hot-Seat contestant, you cannot be a contestant again.

10. If I do not get to the Hot Seat can I try again?

Yes, keep trying until you reach the Hot Seat!

11. What if I am unable to make it for the show after successfully passing the verification process, can I bring someone else to replace me or play on my behalf?

No one else can play on your behalf. You will need to start the contestant selection process from the beginning.

12. How many times do I need to play to be selected as a contestant?

The more times you play the greater your chances of being randomly selected as a contestant.

13. If I am not randomly selected to be on the show, can I get back the money I used to play?

No, the money counts as service rendered. Please see the terms and conditions.

14. Are any one of the methods a 100% guarantee that I would be selected?

Contestants are randomly selected to be on the show from the pool of correct answers. The way to increase your chances of being selected is to have multiple entries.

15. Who is the host

Frank Edoho

16. How much do I stand to win if I get on the Hot Seat?

20 Million Naira

17. Are there any age restrictions? Who can participate?

18 years and above

18. Is application limited to just one teleco service provider?

No, you can apply using the USSD code on any network in Nigeria.

19. How old should I be to play Weekly Play?

18 years and over.

20. How many times can I win the Weekly Play cash prize?

A player can win the Weekly Play cash prize once a season.

21. How much is the Weekly Play cash prize?

Each week 10 randomly selected phone numbers to win N30,000 each. (note that government-stipulated taxes will be deducted from the N30, 000 prize money)

22. When will the payment for Weekly Play be made?

The Weekly Play cash prize will be paid into your Hope Bank account 2 weeks after your number has been aired on television. (note that 3 digits from your phone number will be concealed for your priva

23. How do I protect myself from being scammed?

Note that BLK Hut staff will never ask for your ATM card details, pin or for any gift in cash or kind. We will also NOT open a Hope Bank account on your behalf. We will NOT send you a pre-existing account number for your use. You MUST open the account yourself.

24. Will the payment be made into my personal bank account?

No, the payment will be made into your Hope Bank account. If you do not have a Hope Bank account number at the time you are contacted, you will be advised to open one. Note that we will NOT open an account on your behalf.

25. How do I get my Tax Identification Number (TIN)?

Within Lagos State: TO GENERATE TAX ID: Go to https://etax.lirs.net/register Fill out the form as an individual and fill in other information Click on proceed. Follow the instruction shown on the portal and click on submit. Your Tax ID will be forwarded to your phone number and email address once you click on Submit For outside Lagos State visit any FIRS office.

26. How do I open a Hope Bank account?

Step 1: Dial *569*9# Step 2: Click on Open Account Step 3: Open with BVN Step 4: Enter BVN Step 5: Enter Date of Birth

27. Which number can I use to open a Hope Bank account?

The number linked to your BVN